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Tue Nov 1 10:10:04 GMT 2011

(I just noticed that the -dev mailing list was open, glad to see that.)

So, for the sake of reference, and since it seems like my private
messages ended up ignored, I'll resend here the ekeyd patch that Gentoo
is applying to make it behave:

ekeyd.c, ekey-setkey.c: simple optimisation by moving two constants in
pure .rodata territory;

ekey-ulusbd.c: compatibility with libusb-compat to use as libusb-1's
wrapper (afaict 0.1.3 is still latest compat); uses /dev/.ekey-ulusbd rather than /var/run to create
state files; this should probably be migrated to use /run since that's
what the cool guys use now;

udev rules (fedora15): remove the redundant BUS match that was
deprecated with latest udev versions; make it export a sanitised serial
so that if there is a slash in the ekey's serial number it still works
(this was actually reported by a Gentoo users who owns such a key!);

Makefile: remove -Werror (it is _nasty_!); respect LDFLAGS when building

That's it, for now. Now that I see there is a mailing list any further
change I'll simply send it here.

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