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Nicolas Lynch-Aird lynchaird at
Thu Nov 1 15:14:06 GMT 2012

The attached .zip file contains an updated solution for a Windows DLL for
the entropy key. The main changes are that the software has now been ported
over to MS Visual Studio 2010, and that the key details (serial number and
master key) are now held in a separate text file rather than having to be
embedded in the calling program. Please see the README file for build
instructions and usage.


This software is released for free use, modification, and distribution. It
has not been formally tested and is provided with no warranties whatsoever. 


As I said before I am not a professional C/C++ programmer. The software
seems to work but it has not been properly tested. I have written
ekey_connect() to support multiple entropy keys simultaneously with a common
pool. I, however, only have one key so I don't know how well this will
actually work. Particular functions which would benefit from close scrutiny
are EntropyFrame() and WritePool(), which decode the entropy and add it to
the pool, and ekey_get_bytes() which reads it out again.


I make no undertaking to correct or maintain this code, but I would be very
interested to receive any feedback on the code, suggestions for improvement,
or any modified versions created by others.


My thanks to Christopher Mioni for his assistance with the solution/project
structure and the README file.


Nicolas Lynch-Aird





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