Manually create devnode on CentOS5?

Daniel Silverstone dsilvers at
Mon Apr 11 10:52:54 BST 2011

On Sun, Apr 10, 2011 at 11:17:43PM -0400, Steve Snyder wrote:
> OK, so the udev in CentOS 5.x is incompatible with creating a
> devnode for the Entropy Key.  Can I create my own?

In the absence of any special rules, udev will create /dev/ttyACMx (probably
ttyACM0) which is quite suitable for using with ekeyd providing your kernel's
CDC-ACM support is functional.

> That is, can I create my own devnode which can then be used by the
> Entropy Key daemon?  If so, what type and major/monor number should
> I use in the creation?

Since modern kernels (most of 2.6) automatically assign device numbers at
runtime, you would need to look in sysfs to find the exactly correct values.
Assuming that the Entropy Key is the only ACM device on the system, you can
find the major:minor pair in /sys/class/tty/ttyACM0/dev -- however if you need
the USB device node numbers, then I think libusb manages things.



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