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Thanks for the quick reply! My delay in replying is due to trying
different things, see below:

On Wed, 02 Nov 2011 19:37:13 -0400, Steve Snyder <swsnyder at> wrote:
> It sounds like your problem is with Lua rather than with ekeyd.

It does appear as if the segfault is happening inside of the lua

> I'm running 2 EntropyKeys, each on CentOS 5.x/i686 systems, and they 
> never crash.  Of course, I'm not running the version of Lua on Simtec's 
> website (old) or my distribution's Lua (really old).
> There is a large patch that should be applied to the current stable 
> version of Lua (v5.1.4) that fixes a multitude of bugs:
> In addition to not saying what version of Lua you're running you also 
> don't say what version of ekeyd is running on your system.  It is the 
> current v1.1.4, right?

Well, originally I was working with the Debian Squeeze liblua5.1-0, and
lua5.1 packages (Debian package revision 5.1.4-5) which are based off of
5.1.4. I wasn't aware of the differences between the different lua
patchsets, so I thought this was the latest. However, closer examination
showed me that this was patch-lua-5.1.4-2. 

So I tried to update to the Wheezy version, which is based off of
patch-lua-5.1.4-3, that didn't work. The newer patch-lua-5.1.4-4 is not
in Debian, so I filed a bug requesting that be added, but in the
meantime I couldn't wait so I build one based off of patch-lua-5.1.4-4.

However, the segfault remained.

In terms of ekeyd, yes, I am using the v1.1.4 release.

> I'd say insure that you're running the current code before spending much 
> more time on debugging.

Now I'm at the most current, and wondering where to go from here.

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