Windows DLL - version 5

Nicolas Lynch-Aird lynchaird at
Sat Dec 1 10:17:22 GMT 2012

The latest version (5) of the Windows DLL for use with the entropy key is
now available at:


The main changes are:


-  Improved thread interworking for access to entropy pool. 


-  Using rand_s() instead of rand() for generating random bytes when there
are not enough bytes available in the entropy pool. The various functions
used to retrieve values from the entropy tool can select between only using
bytes obtained from the entropy key(s) or switching to the internal random
number generator  when there are not enough bytes available from the entropy


-  New version of ekey_get_int_range() for retrieving range-restricted
integers. This version is more entropy efficient than the previous version.


-  Modified ekey_get_double01() to ensure flat distribution.


-  Added ekey_get_float01().


Nicolas Lynch-Aird





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