Invalid filename char in serial number

Daniel Silverstone dsilvers at
Mon Apr 11 10:50:36 BST 2011

On Sun, Apr 10, 2011 at 11:02:09PM -0400, Steve Snyder wrote:
> The WARNING file from the ekeyd v1.1.3 package says to do this for
> RHEL5/Centos5:
> [root at centos5 ~]# mkdir -p /var/run/entropykeys
> [root at centos5 ~]# ekey-ulusbd -b002 -d007
> -p/var/run/entropykeys/keyserialnumber
> -P/var/run/ -D
> Hmmmm.  Yes, well, my serial number has a '/' character in it, which
> precludes using it as a file or directory name.

The serial number in the CPU can produce '/' characters in our encoding method.
Most modern distributions replace that with an underscore '_' but some use a
dot '.' -- either is acceptable.  You could also use the EK number if you
choose.  It's simply a way to differentiate keys on a multi-entropy-key system.

# ekey-ulusbd -b002 -d007 -p/var/run/entropykeys/EKxxxxx -P/var/run/ -D

I am unsure what the kernel situation is on CentOS5.  If the CDC-ACM is fixed
in that kernel then you don't need the ulusbd.  However I would be careful when
testing that, as some of the failure modes seen with CDC-ACM involve crashing
the host kernel entirely.



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