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Fri Jan 6 04:28:47 GMT 2012

I tried using "/dev/ttyACM0", but ekeyd seemed unable to recognize it; ekeyd.conf also refers to "/var/run/entropykeys", which is not created after a reboot.

Since my Linux box is rarely rebooted, I'll come back to this issue some other time. It's hardly a show-stopper now.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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It’s because the udev rules don’t work in RHEL/CentOS which are supposed to create a symlink in /dev/entropykey that the default ekeyd config is looking for.  One way around it if you are only going to use one key in the system is to change /etc/entropykey/ekeyd.conf to have a line “AddKey /dev/ttyACM0” rather than the default one of “AddKeys /dev/entropykey”.  (Make sure to put the device path in quotes.)  This avoids the whole issue of udev not creating the link on boot.  Maybe one of these days I’ll fix the udev rules.
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I received the entropy key recently and I've been generally impressed by it. One minor question that has come up is whether the USB driver fails to detect and connect to the device after a reboot. 
I'm using Centos 5.4. If I perform a reboot with the device attached to the computer, then it doesn't seem to work properly. The 'ekeydctl list' command shows nothing running after the reboot and "entropy_avail" is low. On the other hand, if I plug in the device after the boot up completes, everything works normally.

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